Want to give the BarkerBag as a gift? Well aren't you sweet! No problem... Just select "GIFT" for both zipper size and orientation and we will coordinate with your lucky recipient to figure out exactly what BarkerBag they need! 


The BarkerBag works with most standard mummy-style sleeping bags (meaning, the sleeping bag's zipper does not go around the bottom of the foot) and we currently make them in three different zipper sizes: #5, #7, and #8. This covers the vast majority of sleeping bags out there, but if it doesn't cover yours LET US KNOW! We are a customer-driven enterprise, and are always interested in expanding our offerings. 

To measure your zipper, first zip it closed. It helps to pinch the sides so you can accurately see how wide the coils are.  #8 zippers will be a little over 7mm, while #5 and #7 zippers will measure about 6mm. Fortunately, I have only found one brand of #7 zippers, and they are all right insert (first clue). They are produced by YCC, who, mercifully, stamp those letters on their pulls (second, and definitive clue). So, if you think you have a #5 right insert, PLEASE CHECK FOR THE "YCC" MARK, WHICH MEANS IT IS A #7. Many zippers will also have the number stamped either on the underside of the slider, or on its nose.

I know it sounds complicated, but you've only got to do it once to enjoy years of snuggling with your pup, and we are here to help! If you aren't sure, send a photo to sales@barkergear.com and we will help you sort it out.





The other important detail about the zipper is its "handedness." (or "paw-edness...") Lay your sleeping bag down with the head away from you, and the foot towards you. Unzip it all the way and separate the two sides of the zipper. If the pulls are attached to the left side, you need a left BarkerBag. If they are attached to the right side, you will need a right version of the BarkerBag. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHICH SIDE OF YOUR BAG HAS THE ZIPPER.


WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!!! We are experts on zipper configurations, and BarkerBag guarantees we will get you a setup that works with your sleeping bag, or your money back!